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Course Overview

This instructor-led live training is designed to provide participants to gain mastery on hyperledger for blockchain applications . You will learn the fundamentals of hyperledger for blockchain applications and with greater emphasis on the functionality and application to your work or study.

Build Blockchain projects which establish trust, security and transparency using Hyperledger


While building enterprise grade Blockchain applications to serve a large set of customers you need to think whether your application complies with data protection regulations. Using the Hyperledger framework you can build permissioned applications with better performance, scalability and trust. This will not only give you full control of data being shared with other parties but also brings in a higher level of security.



  • Design and develop Hyperledger Blockchain business applications using the Hyperledger Composer and Fabric Framework
  • Work with permissionless and permissioned Blockchains and see how Bitcoin/Ethereum differ from Hyperledger
  • Set up a basic development Hyperledger Fabric network on your own computer.
  • Access your Hyperledger Fabric network via Hyperledger Composer.
  • Start building a simple Blockchain application for land registration.
  • Package and install this application on your Hyperledger Fabric network
  • Write some basic unit tests to verify that the network works.
  • Extend your network to host multiple peers on separate computers
  • Secure the network by implementing OAuth, implementing the Fabric Certificate Authority, and setting up your network on Kubernetes


Understand how permissioned Blockchain frameworks differ from permissionless ones such as Ethereum.

  • Be able to set up a development Hyperledger Fabric network and understand what each component (Certificate Authority, Orderer, Peer) does on a high level.
  • Be able to set up a Hyperledger Composer Playground and REST server and have it interface with the Hyperledger Fabric network.

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