About Us

Qwikcourse has been created as an affordable alternative to high-quality enterprise training courses using an interactive cloud desktop environment DaDesktop.

NobleProg has been delivering corporate training since 2005, and as the business developed we have realized that a lot of customers were unable to attend these events mainly due to the price.

Since 2018, our own Training Delivery Platform (DaDesktop) has decreased the cost of preparing and using IT training environments from 5 to 50 times. In the first quarter of 2020, the Covid-19 crisis added to the pressure to meet the demand to train people who are looking for employment or need to retrain to update their skills.

To meet this demand for more affordable education, in June 2020 we started Qwikcourse.

Qwikcourse reduces the cost of training by:

  • Offering only Instructor-led remote courses
  • Fully automating the interaction between the customer and the trainer via Artificial Intelligence
  • Fully automating the provision of the training environment by using DaDesktop technology with DaDesktop datacentres and customized DaDesktop hardware
  • Reusing readily available training materials and curricula
  • Allowing trainers and participants to be more flexible with the delivery time

Qwikcourse revolutionizes the professional training market the same way Uber and Grab revolutionized the Taxi market.

QwikCourse "Bringing Quality Training to the World!"